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Important Notice - Orientation Prices for 2020/21

The Austrian Dental Chamber annually publishes a so-called autonomous orientation fee schedule, the contents of which are incorporated in the following list. The illustrated procedure prices are based on an average effort level and are only meant to be guidelines since actual treatment cases differ from each other and since service requirements for each hinge on case-specific patient status assessments by trained dentists. Depending on material usage, procedure length / timing, and treatment approach, actual prices may be higher or lower.  

Services Price in Euro
 General Services  
 Dental Consultation  
   Adult 78
   Child (up to 6 Years) 156
   Child (7-14 Years) 117
 Dental Check-Up Visit  
   Adult 23
   Child (up to 6 Years) 46
   Child (7-14 Years) 35
   Dental Cleaning 93
   Comprehensive gum exam 39
 Conservative Dentistry  
   Single-surface Filling - incisors & canine teeth 84
   Double-surface Filling - incisors & canine teeth 120
   Multi-surface Filling - incisors & canine teeth 162
   Single-surface Filling - posterior teeth 106
   Double-surface Filling - posterior teeth 155
   Multi-surface Filling - posterior teeth 200
   Tooth construction 226
   X-ray 18
   Panorama X-ray 88
   Stomatitis Treatment 29
 Dental Surgery  
   Tooth extraction (incl. anesthesia) 75
   Tooth extraction - complicated 101
   Anesthesia 24
   Removal of a retained tooth 338
   Surgical tooth extraction 231
   Surgical cyst removal 338
   Tumor / lump removal 231
   Pocket ablation 92
   Dental implant 1,330
 Restorative Dental Services  
   Crown, 3/4 crown, onlay 732
   Dental bridge (per member) 732
   Porcelain / ceramic crown 1,019
   Porcelain-fused metal crown 644
   Standard crown 745
   Standard dental bridge (per member) 745
   Vacuumformed splint (Miniplast-splint) 208
   Gold inlay, single-surface 479
   Gold inlay, double-surface 585
   Gold inlay, multi-surface 691
   Orthodontics, fixed - total procedure cost 6,451
   Total prosthesis 1,353

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How much will the next dentist visit cost? Dental insurance will certainly pay for it, is what you and many others are likely thinking. In most cases, this is a correct assumption for as long as all you're looking for is a quick checkup visit, which dental insurers here in Austria pay for in full. However, what to do if, god forbid, you need a more extensive and complex treatment, for which insurers pay for only partially or not at all? Just go to any random dental practice and hope for the best while preparing for pain in your wallet? Until today, maybe, but with DentalAce, you can finally bid such concerns farewell.

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With our personal request function, patients can send 100% confidential requests including their desired maximum treatment price and appointment date(s) through our portal to as many dentists as they like in order to receive invitations from dentists directly, who accept their terms. Thereby the patient gets exactly what he needs at a price he can afford and the dentist, whose invitation is accepted, gains a new patient. In other words, this is a win/win situation for for both sides all without the need for lengthy phone calls and conversations.
Let us take a look at how this function works based on an example:

A patient who has been going to the same dentist foe years now finds himself in need of a more expensive and complex treatment for the first time because he wants a dental implant to replace a tooth he had recently lost. Unfortunately, his long-time dentist charges well over EUR 1.000 for such an implant and since he only has EUR 700 available to him, he has to start looking for a new dentist for the first time in many years.

A friend tells him about DentalAce and, to make sure that he gets the best "Deal" possible, the patient sends a request with his required appointment specifications through the DentalAce portal to all member dentists and receives a handful of offers from several very highly-rated dentists within only a few hours. Since all of those offers meet the patient's budget requirements, he selects an offer from a dentist who is located the closest to his apartment and can then happily rejoice about a full set of teeth only a couple of weeks later. 

A pretty good result, wouldn't you say?

And the best part about our request function is that anyone, irrespective of age, stage of life, or location can use it as often as desired and at any time.

Nowadays, people often say “You get what you pay for!” with which they indicate that Premium Service must come at a Premium Price. We at DentalAce have a different opinion about that and offer our patients the best service in the market absolutely for free.

Why, you ask?

Simply because you're worth it to us and because having healthy teeth should not be cost-prohibitive!

You can find additional information about our personal request function as well as about our Price Check function, which is also designed to create price transparency for patients, right here in this linked article

For more interesting stories, feel free to check out the DentalAce blog and join our online community via a free subscription.

All the Best & see you soon, Ace!

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