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Can ozone therapy replace the drill at the dentist?

Added on 22.05.2024

Ozone layer
Questions like the one in the title have appeared more and more often in the press nowadays because there is a new therapy option out there called ozone therapy that can make the drill at the dental office obsolete in many cases. On top of that, such a so called ozone bath of a treated tooth can completely painlessly remove 99.9% of caries bacteria from the treated area. Now what exactly is this ozone therapy and how does it work? More on that in the following few paragraphs.

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Dentist Search 2.0: Trust through price transparency

Added on 08.05.2024

The dentist search of the future is here now with DentalAce!
Dear DentalAce friend,
For the first time in Vienna, you can now have dentists invite you to appointments rather than having to seek them out yourself. And the best part about this for you is that all invitations will come at your desired appointment time and for your desired budget.
Find out more in the following blog post!

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See your dentist without any reservations

Added on 06.04.2024

Authentic dentist ratings for the first time
Today, we are very glad to introduce our unique rating system to you, given that it ensures 100% authentic reviews of all of our member dentists that can be submitted only by their patients. This added layer of security is intended to remove any doubts from your dentist search and to help you find a dentist you can trust without reservations. Find out more in the following blog post.

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Dentist interview with Dr. Maximilian Putz

Added on 20.03.2024

Dentist interview
Dear DentalAce Community,

This week, we are continuing our series of informative interviews with our pioneer dentists. This time we spoke with Dr. Maximilian Putz.

Enjoy the read!
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DentalAce - Way more than just another online registry

Added on 12.03.2024

DentalAce is more than a mere online listing portal
Did you ever wonder about the clear differentiation of the DentalAce platform from the several online registries in the medical space? If so, then you have come to the right place. More on that in the following blog post.

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Added on 11.12.2023

Home visits from the dentist - demand is growing

Added on 08.12.2023

Thanks to modern dentistry, many dental procedures that were once considered unrealistic, exceptionally difficult, or even impossible in the relatively recent past are nowadays considered routine. Nowadays, in the age of mobile technology, dentists can also opt to “go mobile” and fit virtually everything a modern dental practice needs into one to two special suitcases that they can take directly to their patients’ homes, upon request. This all sounds very futuristic but does it even make sense for a dental practice to “go mobile”?

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Added on 09.11.2023

Added on 13.10.2023

Use Price Check to get a confidential procedure cost estimate

Added on 24.05.2023

How much will the procedure cost?
Today, we would like to introduce a completely new function of our platform ,which will make it significantly easier for our patient users to find the right dentist. Learn more in the following blog post.
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