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Added on 11.12.2023

Home visits from the dentist - demand is growing

Added on 08.12.2023

Thanks to modern dentistry, many dental procedures that were once considered unrealistic, exceptionally difficult, or even impossible in the relatively recent past are nowadays considered routine. Nowadays, in the age of mobile technology, dentists can also opt to “go mobile” and fit virtually everything a modern dental practice needs into one to two special suitcases that they can take directly to their patients’ homes, upon request. This all sounds very futuristic but does it even make sense for a dental practice to “go mobile”?

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Added on 09.11.2023

Added on 13.10.2023

Use Price Check to get a confidential procedure cost estimate

Added on 24.05.2023

How much will the procedure cost?
Today, we would like to introduce a completely new function of our platform ,which will make it significantly easier for our patient users to find the right dentist. Learn more in the following blog post.
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Price transparency at the dentist - DentalAce makes it possible

Added on 09.05.2023

Price Info Logo
As you already know, we built our request function into our platform at the beginning of 2019 to make it possible for patients to set treatment prices with specialists already prior to their appointments. Several months ago, we also added our Price Check function to further maximize price transparency. Today and in this blog post, we would like to show you how these functions were received among patients and dentists and how they can be useful in the long run.
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Smoking is bad for your teeth

Added on 07.05.2023

Burning cigarette
In our youth, probably most of us at least gave it a try, even if only to look “cool” and to not fall behind the circle of friends. Probably unsurprisingly, we’re talking about smoking here. For some of us, the calming “fag” is merely part of a temporary phase while, for others, it becomes a lasting habit or even an addiction. And those, who can or do not want to rid themselves of the habit of smoking, face not only constantly increasing cigarette prices and an array of potentially detrimental lung diseases, but also an increased likelihood of developing dental problems.
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DentalAce - Way more than just another online registry

Added on 04.05.2023

DentalAce is more than a mere online listing portal
Did you ever wonder about the clear differentiation of the DentalAce platform from the several online registries in the medical space? If so, then you have come to the right place. More on that in the following blog post.
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Optimal care for your dental implants

Added on 30.08.2022

Added on 02.11.2021

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