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2020 Annual Report & 2021 Outlook from the DentalAce Team

Added on 07.12.2021

2021 Business Outlook
As we close out this year, we from the DentalAce leadership team would like to check in with all of you - our valued members and portal visitors - and to provide you with a concise look at our annual performance for the year 2020 as well as with a preview of our expectations for 2021. Happy holidays and we'll happily see you again next year.
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Info Tidbit: How to clean your braces properly

Added on 06.03.2021

Dental globe
Are you wearing braces to get your teeth into the right positions? Did you and your dentist opt for so called removable retainers or for permanent braces (aka brackets)? Depending on which kind of braces you are wearing, you will have to clean them in slightly different ways. What applies in both cases, however, is that your retainer and braces, just like your teeth, always need to be kept clean to prevent any and all kinds of bacterial infections as well as the formation of dental plaques or dental calculus.
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Happy New Year 2021

Added on 29.12.2020

Happy New Year 2021
After a very tumultuous 2020, which many of us would surely love to forget as quickly and as soon as possible, we would like to send this message out to all of you to wish you a very happy start into the new year 2021. Stay healthy and get a happy and optimistic head start into January so you can launch yourself into many new successful endeavors in 7.1.2021.
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Merry Christmas from DentalAce

Added on 24.12.2020

Nice Christmas Tree
After a quite unique year, we from DentalAce would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas with your families and loved ones. We hope you stay healthy in good spirits and are already looking forward to helping you out with any dental care-related questions or treatment needs in the new year.
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Price transparency at the dentist - DentalAce makes it possible

Added on 01.11.2020

Price Info Logo
As you already know, we built our request function into our platform at the beginning of 2019 to make it possible for patients to set treatment prices with specialists already prior to their appointments. Several months ago, we also added our Price Check function to further maximize price transparency. Today and in this blog post, we would like to show you how these functions were received among patients and dentists and how they can be useful in the long run.
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Professional dental cleaning - Nowadays a Must-Do in dental care

Added on 19.07.2020

Girl with a bright smile
We can certainly all relate to this: you are sitting in a car or a bus or another means of transportation and you're waiting for it to get going, for the next stop, for the traffic jam to dissipate, and you're subconsciously moving your tongue across your teeth only to be surprised by a rough instead of a smooth surface. Fortunately, modern dentistry has very closely diagnosed this condition and devised a very effective and time-saving procedure to handle it: the professional dental cleaning.
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DentalAce receives eAward nomination from Report

Added on 28.06.2020

Report and DentalAce Collaboration
Our successful collaboration with the Report is already well known and we have worked on a few content pieces together including the following article about the modernization of dental care in Austria. Now, Report has nominated DentalAce for the eAward in the category "PR and Marketing" for which we would like to say thank you.
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DentalAce Review: Where should I shop for dental care products?

Added on 14.06.2020

Online shopping for dental care products
Everybody knows this: Proper dental care is only possible with the right utensils and dental care products. Therefore, we would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of where you can get the right dental care tools in the following blog article. To make it simpler for you, we have segmented the places where you can shop for dental care products by mode – online or offline – as well as by price level – from basic to premium. Thus, we hope that, after you finish your read, you will know where to look for the Rolls Royce of toothbrushes and where to go when you are feeling thrifty.
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Enter:! New domain & even more value!

Added on 13.06.2020

DentalAce with our new domain
The .at ending of our new domain name makes it clear: DentalAce and out community are clearly the #1 Online Platform and Information Exchange Venue for dental medicine in Vienna and the surrounding areas with the goal to provide as many people as possible with optimal dental care.
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Dental laser therapy – The future of dental care

Added on 25.05.2020

Dental laser therapy
Nowadays, lasers are also used in dental medicine and, though there had been attempts already in the 1960s to include laser therapy in the repertoire of dentists, this treatment type only relatively recently (in the past 5-10 years) made it back into the spotlight and started gaining in popularity among dental care professionals. Find out more in the following blog post.
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