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Optimal care for your dental implants

Added on 30.08.2022

Added on 11.04.2022

Dentist interview with Dr. Sheyla Repolusk

Added on 03.12.2021

Added on 02.11.2021

Dentist interview with Dr. Maximilian Putz

Added on 07.10.2021

Dentist interview
Dear DentalAce Community,

This week, we are continuing our series of informative interviews with our pioneer dentists. This time we spoke with Dr. Maximilian Putz.

Enjoy the read!
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Find the right customers through the right online marketing channels

Added on 05.09.2021

DentalAce Online Booking: 5 ways and 5 clicks to goal

Added on 01.08.2021

Online appointment bookings
Booking dental appointments can be a lengthy an annoying task for both dentists and their patients due to long waiting times on the phone, long phone conversations, and, occasionally, long email chains back and forth. We from DentalAce have not only sustainably and reliably simplified the appointment booking process, but we also guarantee our dentist members and their patients that they will be able to book an appointment in 5 or fewer clicks. Additional information about this topic is available in this blog post.  
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DentalAce - Way more than just another online registry

Added on 16.07.2021

DentalAce is more than a mere online listing portal
Did you ever wonder about the clear differentiation of the DentalAce platform from the several online registries in the medical space? If so, then you have come to the right place. More on that in the following blog post.
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Intraoral camera: When is it used?

Added on 11.06.2021

Camera at the dentist
A so-called intraoral camera is a very compact digital camera in the form of a pen that is used by dental care specialists when they would like to take a POV (Point-of-View) look into the mouths of their patients and project said view onto a monitor. Normally, this happens during the preparation for longer and complex procedures in order to visually explain next steps and to calm down the patient. Additional infos about this are available in this blog post. 
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Info Tidbits: Are missed dentist visits fatal?

Added on 23.05.2021

Dentist at work
To answer the question in the title: Actually, never, but one may miss an appointment from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances. When it comes to dentist visits, many people are worried prior to the appointment and feel free as a feather afterwards. This is because, as many of us know, some dentist visits can end up being painful if the patient's dental hygiene has been spotty for too long. To avoid such a scenario, dentists recommend to their patients to go visit a dentist at least once every 6 months and, in some cases, even more frequently. But are such frequent visits always possible?

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