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Professional dental cleaning - Nowadays a Must-Do in dental care

Added on 19.07.2020

Girl with a bright smile
We can certainly all relate to this: you are sitting in a car or a bus or another means of transportation and you're waiting for it to get going, for the next stop, for the traffic jam to dissipate, and you're subconsciously moving your tongue across your teeth only to be surprised by a rough instead of a smooth surface. Fortunately, modern dentistry has very closely diagnosed this condition and devised a very effective and time-saving procedure to handle it: the professional dental cleaning.
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Recognizing periodontitis – Diagnosis and treatment

Added on 02.02.2020

Girl shows area at risk of periodontitis
Some dental illnesses are quite easily discovered, treated, and cured. Unfortunately, periodontitis is not one of them. Whether a common gum inflammation (also called gingivitis) has developed into a full-blown inflammation of the entire periodontium is often very difficult to ascertain until it is too late. This is why it is that much more important to get an expert diagnosis and treatment by a dentists and, ideally, from a dental care professional who specializes in the field of periodontology!
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Reasons for gum inflammation

Added on 14.10.2019

Girl with a healthy smile
People who suffer from gum inflammation can’t think of anything else besides getting rid of it. It can be a great nuisance and impede the sufferer’s day-to-day life. But what can one do to combat such an inflammation (gingivitis) and what are its major causes? Let’s find out more.
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Gum lifting to combat gum recession

Added on 11.09.2019

Healthy teeth and gums without gum recession
Do your gums bleed from time to time after brushing your teeth? Do you sometimes decry reddened gums? Generally, both happens from time to time and does not necessarily have to be a sign of a problem. In some cases, however, one or both symptoms may be indicators of a gum inflammation that may lead to gum line recession. This condition can increase the sensitivity of teeth to cold and hot foods and drinks significantly and thereby reduce the quality of life of a suffering patient. Pretty concerning, right? Let’s find out more about this then.
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Sugar makes the day sweeter

Added on 07.08.2019

Several cubes of sugar
According to recent surveys, people in the German-speaking realm consume roughly 100g of sugar per day and even more, when sugary drinks are taken into account. Nowadays, many of us try to reduce their sugar consumption, given that it can lead to unwanted consequences like obesity, caries, and diabetes. Excessive sugar consumption can encourage the development of sugar addiction, as part of which the body craves sugar like a drug. What exactly causes this addiction and how can one prevent or combat it? Let’s find out more!
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Gum bleeding as a warning signal

Added on 27.05.2019

A child has bleeding gums
Surely, we all know this: after thoroughly brushing our teeth, we rinse out our mouths and suddenly discover a reddish discoloring in the rinsing water while it slowly but certainly makes its way towards the drain in a circular fashion. After a closer examination of the mouth, we determine that the source of this reddish discoloring is our irritated gum line and we quickly dismiss the event as a triviality. In many cases, this is not the best course of action since bleeding gums (especially those that keep bleeding over several days) are a definitive warning signal for a potentially more serious problem such as an inflammation inside the mouth.
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Energy drinks harm your teeth

Added on 03.04.2019

A can of Red Bull energy drink
Many of us have become used to reaching for an energy drink after a long day (or on the heels of a short night) to squeeze a few more productive hours out of one's body. Though these energy drinks work quite well temporarily, as their name implies, more and more reports about their potentially destructive effect on dental enamel have started surfacing. But how much of these horror stories is actually true? Let's find out!
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Baby bottle tooth decay as a hidden danger

Added on 02.11.2018

Children brushing their teeth
We all love our children – even if they sometimes become annoying when it is time to brush their teeth and go to bed. In such moments, many parents resort to giving the small ones a bottle to calm them down with a yummy fruit juice or warm milk. In most cases, this tactic works wonders, but, unfortunately, too many parents are completely uninformed about the potentially detrimental consequences that this approach can have on their kids’ teeth ...
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Is mouthwash good for dental care?

Added on 07.09.2018

Add mouthwash to your dental care routine
You hear them constantly, the many promises that mouth wash manufacturers use in their TV ads and other information channels to advertise the benefits of their products. Some types of mouth wash combat plaque and even tooth decay while others prevent gum diseases and many different kinds of infections inside the oral cavity.
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What are causes and remedies for sensitive teeth?

Added on 31.08.2018

Too much sugar causes tooth decay
It was a beautiful summer afternoon in mid-August in Vienna – the weather was neither too hot, nor too cold, the humidity level was just right, and there was a fresh breeze to boot. The only thing that was missing was a cold refreshing drink.
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