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Info Tidbit: The painfree dental treatment

Added on 14.05.2021

Dental practice
Some dental treatments can, from time to time, be scary and even more so if they are surgical procedures because the drilling and scraping can reach far into the jawbone. To shape such procedures in a more gentle way, dental care specialists have now devised the field of piezo surgery in an effort to avoid and fix lasting damage to tooth and bone substance.
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A talk with the Report: Thanks for the nice Interview!

Added on 10.05.2021

Report DentalAce Story
As a follow up to the eAward nomination and a joint article with the Report, we want to say thanks for a nice recent interview and an accompanying article. Similarly to last time, we talked some more about the modernization of dental care here in Austria as well as about some of our planned new functional add ons to the DentalAce portal. More on that in the following article.
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Info Tidbit: Can ozone therapy replace the drill at the dentist?

Added on 08.05.2021

Ozone layer
Questions like the one in the title have appeared more and more often in the press nowadays because there is a new therapy option out there called ozone therapy that can make the drill at the dental office obsolete in many cases. On top of that, such a so called ozone bath of a treated tooth can completely painlessly remove 99.9% of caries bacteria from the treated area. Now what exactly is this ozone therapy and how does it work? More on that in the following few paragraphs.
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State of Dentistry 1Q'21: What is currently trending and what you should focus on

Added on 01.05.2021

Analytics on PC and Mobile
As in every other branch, the field of data analytics is seeing increasing interest and dentistry is no exception. In this article, we are showing you, on the one hand, what you could get with only a few clicks from our data analytics package, and, on the other hand, how appointment bookings have trended since early 2020.
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2020 Annual Report & 2021 Outlook from the DentalAce Team

Added on 31.01.2021

2021 Business Outlook
As we close out this year, we from the DentalAce leadership team would like to check in with all of you - our valued members and portal visitors - and to provide you with a concise look at our annual performance for the year 2020 as well as with a preview of our expectations for 2021. Happy holidays and we'll happily see you again next year.
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DentalAce receives eAward nomination from Report

Added on 28.06.2020

Report and DentalAce Collaboration
Our successful collaboration with the Report is already well known and we have worked on a few content pieces together including the following article about the modernization of dental care in Austria. Now, Report has nominated DentalAce for the eAward in the category "PR and Marketing" for which we would like to say thank you.
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Dental laser therapy – The future of dental care

Added on 25.05.2020

Dental laser therapy
Nowadays, lasers are also used in dental medicine and, though there had been attempts already in the 1960s to include laser therapy in the repertoire of dentists, this treatment type only relatively recently (in the past 5-10 years) made it back into the spotlight and started gaining in popularity among dental care professionals. Find out more in the following blog post.
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Dental care 2.0 after Covid-19 - The DentalAce Story!

Added on 15.05.2020

DentalAce Leadership Blog Logo
Since the country is now in the re-opening phase after the Covid-19 pandemic, we from the DentalAce leadership team believe that it makes sense for our members and portal visitors to hear our thoughts on the current situation of and our future outlook for dental care in the city of Vienna.
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Dentist Search 2.0: Trust through price transparency

Added on 01.03.2020

The dentist search of the future is here now with DentalAce!
Dear DentalAce member,
For the first time in Vienna, you can now have dentists invite you to appointments rather than having to seek them out yourself. And the best part about this for you is that all invitations will come at your desired appointment time and for your desired budget.
Find out more in the following blog post!

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Congratulations for our glowing winner!

Added on 29.02.2020

A hooray for our winner
As you may remember, DentalAce, in conjunction with our partner The Wedding Mission, invited all of you to participate in our competition for a chance to win a free dental bleaching with our partners Dr. David Movsesian and Ms. Ani Movsesian prior to the Christmas season of 2019, By now, we have determined the winner. Find out more in this blog post!
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