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Dentist interview with Dr. Sheyla Repolusk

Added on 03.12.2021

DentalAce Christmas Offer 2021: Save 15% Today!

Added on 01.12.2021

NEW: Dental clinics and shared practices at DentalAce

Added on 20.11.2021

Added on 02.11.2021

3 Quarter '21 - Quarterly Report for our dentist members

Added on 15.10.2021

Dentist interview with Dr. Maximilian Putz

Added on 07.10.2021

Dentist interview
Dear DentalAce Community,

This week, we are continuing our series of informative interviews with our pioneer dentists. This time we spoke with Dr. Maximilian Putz.

Enjoy the read!
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Make your practice digital with DentalAce

Added on 19.09.2021

Find the right customers through the right online marketing channels

Added on 05.09.2021

Patient Acquisition Today: Why planning ahead is crucial

Added on 04.09.2021

DentalAce Online Booking: 5 ways and 5 clicks to goal

Added on 01.08.2021

Online appointment bookings
Booking dental appointments can be a lengthy an annoying task for both dentists and their patients due to long waiting times on the phone, long phone conversations, and, occasionally, long email chains back and forth. We from DentalAce have not only sustainably and reliably simplified the appointment booking process, but we also guarantee our dentist members and their patients that they will be able to book an appointment in 5 or fewer clicks. Additional information about this topic is available in this blog post.  
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