FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly can my subscription plan be activated after I sign up online?

Your subscription plan will be activated within 24 hours of you signing up and will then be visible to portal visitors. Any further marketing measures will commence once you complete your profile in accordance with our guidelines.

2. How much does a subscription plan cost?

EUR 99 incl. VAT monthly for a month to month option or EUR 999 incl. VAT annually with a year to year contract duration.

3. How can I renew my subscription plan?

As you know, we have 2 options available – a month to month and an annual option. Both come without any auto-renewal and similar clauses and can be extended at the end of each contract period via email or phone. Of course you will also get 2 reminder emails. One a week before plan expiration and another one the day before.

4. Are there any costs in addition to subscription costs that I will need to be aware of?

No. All costs are incl. VAT.

5. If I want to terminate my subscription early, can I get my money back?

Since we have written our T&Cs in a way to maximize your flexibility, we have made all purchases non-refundable.

6. Where can I work with DentalAce?

Currently, in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria but we will expand into other territories as well over time.

7. What can I as a dentist expect from a membership with DentalAce?

Simply put: Based on the experiences of some of our longer-term members, 100+ new patients in the first year alone. Additional so-called "fringe benefits" are available in the form of broader brand awareness and a direct connection to partners such as dental labs.

8. Can I trust the DentalAce Rating System?

Simply put: Yes. We have a so-called online security system built-in that guarantees that only authentic reviews by real patients make it onto our portal. 

9. Does DentalAce operate only in the realm of dentistry or also in other areas?

Currently only in the field of dentistry. Should this change, we will let you know right away.

10. Are appointment bookings by patients over the DentalAce platform binding?

Yes. If a so called „no show“ does still occur, let us know and we will mark that patient's profile accordingly in our system 

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