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Online appointment booking with only a few clicks

Online appointment booking with only a few clicks

Find your dentist and book your appointment online right here with us

When looking for a new dentist, have you ever spent way too much time on the phone waiting for someone to respond while listening to so-called elevator music? Have you been disappointed to learn that, even after you get someone on the line, you couldn't get the appointment you wanted because it was not available? Hit the wall even over e-mail? All of this is doubly-annoying whenever toothache rears its ugly head or whenever you're in a pinch for time and trying to still squeeze in your semi-annual professional dental cleaning.

Many online databases promise to help with such problems but often end up having a very limited utility because they only contain dentists' phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Put differently, even the information that these portals provide will only get you back to endless holding times on the phone and to unanswered e-mails. Fortunately, the search for your next dentist does not have to be this heavy nowadays because DentalAce helps dentist-seeking patients in Vienna by significantly simplifying the process.

Online appointment booking: With only 5 clicks to goal

As already mentioned, the biggest issues during a dentist search are excessively long conversations and waiting times on the phone, both of which take unnecessarily long. Therefore, we at DentalAce have placed our bets on the new trend around online booking and have built a user-friendly interface that brings patients to their goal of an appointment booking within 5 or fewer clicks. Online booking an appointment through our portal not only saves our visitors time but it also gives them access to our built-in messaging function with which patients can get in touch with their dentists at any time super-easily from their PCs or tablets or SmartPhones.

Our dentist list has a large amount of available appointments across all of our dentist members ready for booking and patients may pick one or more of them by simply clicking on one of the available green appointment bubbles. Immediately after your appointment booking, you will receive an e-mail with booking details so you know that your appointment has been confirmed. Roughly 24 hours prior to the actual appointment, patients get an e-mail reminder to make sure that they do not forget their appointment. And all of these convenient features are available to patients completely for free and after only a handful of clicks.   

So, do not fret during your dentist search but, rather, significantly shorten the process with DentalAce by simply booking an appointment online. Besides a much easier appointment booking process, DentalAce also offers patients price transparency for the first time via our personal request function and our price check function. You can learn more about these unique features in the following article.

DentalAce also has a special benefit for super-savers, who are always on the lookout for special offers. Our new special offer function allows our dentist members to offer either individual procedures or procedure packages at improved terms for pre-specified time frames. This gives patients the opportunity to benefit from the treatment they need while saving a few Euros at the same time.

For more interesting stories, feel free to check out the DentalAce blog and join our online community via a free subscription.

All the Best & see you soon, Ace!

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