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See your dentist without any reservations

Dearest DentalAce members,

Today, we are very glad to introduce our unique rating system to you, given that it ensures 100% authentic reviews of all of our member dentists that can be submitted only by their patients. This added layer of security is intended to remove any doubts from your dentist search and to help you find a dentist you can trust without reservations.

In particular, our secure rating system works as follows:

  1. Patient books appointment through the DentalAce profile of a dentist of his or her choice
  2. Patient writes a review after his or her appointment through the dentist review inside the DentalAce platform
  3. Dentist confirms appointment happened after patient submits the review and without the ability to see the review before it goes online 
  4. Patient review is posted in the DentalAce profile of the reviewed dentist and becomes publicly visible

For a brief visual overview of how our ratings system works, feel free to scroll down and take a look at the handful of screenshots under this blog post.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at any time via e-mail or phone. 

All the Best, Ace!


Overview of our Rating System

This is how our secure rating system works

In our dentist database

Our authentic ratings are clearly visible in every dentist profile

Inside of the dentist profile

Details about each rating are available inside dentist profiles in a designated tab

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