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Added on 11.12.2023

A talk with the Report: Thanks for the nice Interview!

Added on 10.05.2021

Report DentalAce Story
As a follow up to the eAward nomination and a joint article with the Report, we want to say thanks for a nice recent interview and an accompanying article. Similarly to last time, we talked some more about the modernization of dental care here in Austria as well as about some of our planned new functional add ons to the DentalAce portal. More on that in the following article.
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Dentist Interview: Panel dentist or dentist of choice?

Added on 08.01.2021

Dr. Raynov at work
As a young dentist, besides the build-up of a strong patient roster, the decision as to whether to become a panel dentist or a dentist of choice is among the most important ones when starting a career in the dental space as a new professional. To help our dentist members with this decision, we got together with Dr. Raynov and asked him about how he thought about this decision prior to, during, and now after he has opened his new and modern dentist practice in the 9th district in Vienna.
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Professional dental cleaning - Nowadays a Must-Do in dental care

Added on 19.07.2020

Girl with a bright smile
We can certainly all relate to this: you are sitting in a car or a bus or another means of transportation and you're waiting for it to get going, for the next stop, for the traffic jam to dissipate, and you're subconsciously moving your tongue across your teeth only to be surprised by a rough instead of a smooth surface. Fortunately, modern dentistry has very closely diagnosed this condition and devised a very effective and time-saving procedure to handle it: the professional dental cleaning.
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Can a robot replace the dentist?

Added on 06.05.2019

Handshake between man and machine
In more and more industries, such as for example the automotive industry or the metal construction industry, an increasing number of machines - or robots - are put to use. In the banking sector, there is even reference of so-called "robo calls". Since the pace of global technological development is increasingly gaining steam, robots are entering more and more previously human-dominated professions including, probably unsurprisingly, dentistry. But how far along is the field of robotics as it relates to dentistry and what kinds of successes have been achieved to date? Let's find out more!
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