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Info Tidbit: How to clean your braces properly

Added on 06.03.2021

Dental braces
Are you wearing braces to get your teeth into the right positions? Did you and your dentist opt for so called removable retainers or for permanent braces (aka brackets)? Depending on which kind of braces you are wearing, you will have to clean them in slightly different ways. What applies in both cases, however, is that your retainer and braces, just like your teeth, always need to be kept clean to prevent any and all kinds of bacterial infections as well as the formation of dental plaques or dental calculus.
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Invisalign to fix crooked teeth

Added on 27.07.2018

Young woman with invisalign
Most children get saddled with retainers very early on in life and then have to wear them every single night for several months to make sure that their permanent teeth grow out the right way. Children who were not “gifted” with retainers can either spend the rest of their lives looking at their crooked smiles in their mirrors or ...
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Veneers for misaligned teeth

Added on 01.06.2018

Smile happily with new white veneers
Have you ever been in this situation?

When I was a child, there was a time when I had to wear a retainer every night to push my growing teeth into the right positions. However, not everybody was lucky enough to receive the “gift” of a retainer as a child ...

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Need a night guard to stop tooth grinding at night

Added on 04.05.2018

Tooth grinding can harm your teeth
Has this ever happened to you?

The infamous “Busy Season” starts at work and all hell breaks loose! A seemingly endless barrage of e-mails, accompanied by uninterrupted phone ringing and way too many meeting invitations – some for the same time slot!
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Need a good pediatric dentist to fix my braces

Added on 06.04.2018

A kid with braces
Did you also go through this in your childhood?

Mom says “A nice smile can melt even ice … and can help with the career as well.”

Therefore, we’ve got to get a retainer (or even permanent braces) – no questions asked!
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