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Price transparency at the dentist - DentalAce makes it possible

Added on 01.11.2020

Price Info Logo
As you already know, we built our request function into our platform at the beginning of 2019 to make it possible for patients to set treatment prices with specialists already prior to their appointments. Several months ago, we also added our Price Check function to further maximize price transparency. Today and in this blog post, we would like to show you how these functions were received among patients and dentists and how they can be useful in the long run.
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What is dental wrap-around insurance?

Added on 31.03.2020

Dental wrap-around insurance in your hand
Whenever teeth are concerned, there is always a matter of money as well. Especially in the case of dental treatments because insurers only reimburse for the most basic ones and many dental services require relatively high copays. If one does not want to pay extra for for each dental treatment that goes beyond what is considered basic dental care, there is the option to purchase an additional insurance policy called wrap-around insurance to handle these situations.
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Health insurers: What do they pay for at the dentist?

Added on 14.03.2020

Health insurers want to embrace you like two protective hands!
What does a dentist of choice cost? What part of my treatment costs will I get reimbursed after a visit to the dentist? What do I have to pay myself and what does health insurance pay for? We all know the feeling when governmental agencies go through structural changes: Nobody knows what's going on. We will give you a first glimpse at what will likely positively surprise some: for a large number of dental treatments with a dentist of choice, patients will receive a significant part of their costs back. Let's take a look at how reimbursement works for a dentist visit.
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Dentist Search 2.0: Trust through price transparency

Added on 01.03.2020

The dentist search of the future is here now with DentalAce!
Dear DentalAce member,
For the first time in Vienna, you can now have dentists invite you to appointments rather than having to seek them out yourself. And the best part about this for you is that all invitations will come at your desired appointment time and for your desired budget.
Find out more in the following blog post!

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Use Price Check to get a confidential procedure cost estimate

Added on 02.02.2020

How much will the procedure cost?
Today, we would like to introduce a completely new function of our platform ,which will make it significantly easier for our patient users to find the right dentist. Learn more in the following blog post.
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Special offers strengthen the trust between patients and dentists

Added on 02.02.2020

Handshake for a special offer at the dentist
Today, we would like to introduce a completely new function of our platform ,which will make it significantly easier for our patient users to find the right dentist for the procedure they need. Learn more in the following blog post.
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Are ceramic dental implants better than titanium implants?

Added on 26.11.2019

Dentist implanting a dental implant
Ceramic implants as tooth replacements are becoming increasingly popular given that they can not be differentiated from healthy teeth by color and that they offer a metal-free alternative to titanium. But what are the pros and cons of ceramic implants as compared to titanium implants? And how do their relative costs stack up? The following blog post answers these important questions and goes into additional details. 
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Dentist of Choice or Panel Dentist

Added on 16.11.2019

Dental practice sign of a dentist of choice
Long waiting times for the next appointment, no time for your questions – whoever has already been annoyed by an issue like this when looking for a dentist appointment, has definitely at least considered to opt for a dentist of choice over a panel dentist. But which costs does one have to expect in such a case? How much do you expect to get in return from insurance companies? Read more about this topic in the following blog post.
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Need a root canal treatment for an inflamed tooth

Added on 25.05.2018

An inflamed tooth root causes enormous pain
Has this ever happened to you too?

After a long day at the office, you take a little breather in a pub to relax with one or two beers. One nice cold one after the other, accompanied by a Gulaschtopf – makes the night feel much better already! “Hm, wait. My upper right corner tooth feels a little weird. Wonder if that’s because of the cold-hot combination of the beer with the Gulasch?” ...

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Dental bleaching for a smile with pearly white teeth

Added on 11.05.2018

A bright white smile after a dental bleaching
Does this sound familiar to you?

Stress at work, exam season at school, and on top of all of that a bunch of personal commitments. With such a full calendar it can be difficult to get even a little bit of shut eye ...

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