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Dentist Search 2.0: Trust through price transparency

Added on 01.03.2020

The dentist search of the future is here now with DentalAce!
Dear DentalAce member,
For the first time in Vienna, you can now have dentists invite you to appointments rather than having to seek them out yourself. And the best part about this for you is that all invitations will come at your desired appointment time and for your desired budget.
Find out more in the following blog post!

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Dentist of Choice or Panel Dentist

Added on 16.11.2019

Dental practice sign of a dentist of choice
Long waiting times for the next appointment, no time for your questions – whoever has already been annoyed by an issue like this when looking for a dentist appointment, has definitely at least considered to opt for a dentist of choice over a panel dentist. But which costs does one have to expect in such a case? How much do you expect to get in return from insurance companies? Read more about this topic in the following blog post.
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Dental bleaching for a smile with pearly white teeth

Added on 11.05.2018

A bright white smile after a dental bleaching
Does this sound familiar to you?

Stress at work, exam season at school, and on top of all of that a bunch of personal commitments. With such a full calendar it can be difficult to get even a little bit of shut eye ...

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Need a night guard to stop tooth grinding at night

Added on 04.05.2018

Tooth grinding can harm your teeth
Has this ever happened to you?

The infamous “Busy Season” starts at work and all hell breaks loose! A seemingly endless barrage of e-mails, accompanied by uninterrupted phone ringing and way too many meeting invitations – some for the same time slot!
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Implantat oder Prothese um einen zerbrochenen Zahn zu ersetzen?

Added on 27.04.2018

Denture for the lower jaw
Have you ever been in a similar situation before?

Sometimes, the unexpected hits you out of nowhere and affects exactly those who are the least prepared. A broken tooth is never a fun matter...
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Looking for an emergency dentist close by at a good price

Added on 20.04.2018

Emergency dentist on the job
Has something like this ever happened to you? The parents leave for a business trip abroad and the little one cannot come with because mom and dad both have work to do and will not have time to tend to a little child.
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Tooth reconstruction after an accident

Added on 13.04.2018

A kid riding a bike
It was a Saturday morning in late summer 2012 and the weather in Vienna was awesome.

Perfect time for a bike tour!

Unfortunately, the unexpected decided to come along for the ride...
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Need a good pediatric dentist to fix my braces

Added on 06.04.2018

A kid with braces
Did you also go through this in your childhood?

Mom says “A nice smile can melt even ice … and can help with the career as well.”

Therefore, we’ve got to get a retainer (or even permanent braces) – no questions asked!
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Need a good pediatric dentist to fix a broken filling

Added on 30.03.2018

A healthy tooth
Does this ring a bell with you? Your child loves – LOVES – sweets and can barely stay away from them.

However, when it comes down to brushing teeth in the evening, the good mood disappears and all hell breaks lose!
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Need an emergency dentist on New Years Eve

Added on 22.03.2018

A destroyed tooth needs an emergency dentist
On December 31, 2017, I was also among them – the many people who had decided to greet the New Year in Vienna’s historic old city center. Oops – with all the festivities around me, my cap just decided to fly off my head – let’s quickly pick it up! As I was about to stand up again, a hand holding a Sekt bottle appeared seemingly out of nowhere on the right side of my face...
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