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Added on 02.11.2021

Dentist interview with Dr. Maximilian Putz

Added on 07.10.2021

Dentist interview
Dear DentalAce Community,

This week, we are continuing our series of informative interviews with our pioneer dentists. This time we spoke with Dr. Maximilian Putz.

Enjoy the read!
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Dentist Interview: Panel dentist or dentist of choice?

Added on 08.01.2021

Dr. Raynov at work
As a young dentist, besides the build-up of a strong patient roster, the decision as to whether to become a panel dentist or a dentist of choice is among the most important ones when starting a career in the dental space as a new professional. To help our dentist members with this decision, we got together with Dr. Raynov and asked him about how he thought about this decision prior to, during, and now after he has opened his new and modern dentist practice in the 9th district in Vienna.
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