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Info Tidbit: How to clean your braces properly

Added on 06.03.2021

Dental braces
Are you wearing braces to get your teeth into the right positions? Did you and your dentist opt for so called removable retainers or for permanent braces (aka brackets)? Depending on which kind of braces you are wearing, you will have to clean them in slightly different ways. What applies in both cases, however, is that your retainer and braces, just like your teeth, always need to be kept clean to prevent any and all kinds of bacterial infections as well as the formation of dental plaques or dental calculus.
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Optimal dental care for children

Added on 07.02.2020

Family having a good time while brushing their teeth
Many parents know it well and spend many evenings in uneasy anticipation of a certain dental care-related "ritual". Of course, we are referring to brushing their children's teeth, given that the little ones usually have zero interest in dental care and have absolutely no tolerance for having their parents stick a toothbrush in their faces. Though such "family theater" is without a doubt a part of growing up, parents need to stay firm in their position because any easing up will end up having negative consequences on the dental care of their children in the longer run. Find out more about this topic in the following blog post.
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A good pediatric dentist is the best choice for your child

Added on 24.01.2020

Child during a dentist treatment
Why should parents make sure that the dentists whom they choose for their children are trained in pediatric dentistry? Because strange noises, unfamiliar odors, and unknown environments can all have an unsettling impact on children. Pediatric dentists have the necessary skills, the properly equipped practices, and appropriately trained practice personnel to ensure that children make positive experiences during their first few dentist visits. Read more about what the characteristics of a good pediatric dentist are in this blog post.
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Dental care for children is very important

Added on 10.04.2019

Little girl after a visit to a pediatric dentist
It is probably clear to everybody that the thorough care of baby teeth is absolutely essential, despite their only temporary stay in a child's mouth, since they can positively or negatively affect the health of permanent teeth. After the emergence of the first baby tooth about 6 months after birth, parents need to brush their children's teeth twice per day. And so, there is a clear response to the question when dental care for a child should start: already in its infancy.
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When do I need general anesthesia at the dentist?

Added on 18.01.2019

General anesthesia during dental treatment
Going to the dentist, sleeping through the procedure, and going home without any pain – sounds ideal to many of us and, particularly, for those who suffer from dentophobia. However, it is not quite that easy. In this blog post, we’d like to explore in which cases (and for which dental procedures) general anesthesia can be useful and what kinds of costs and risks you should know about!
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Thumbsucking is a habit that can damage your teeth

Added on 28.10.2018

Little girl sucking on her thumb
Only very few among us did not do it when we were small children. Whether to calm ourselves or to make falling asleep easier – sucking on our thumbs seemed to be the way to go. Unfortunately, all too often, we were also scolded by the parents who kept telling us that food and drinks – but not our thumbs – belong in our mouths. So why did they always make such a big deal out of thumbsucking and why do so many children start doing it early on in their lives in the first place? All good questions that deserve answers.
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Need a good pediatric dentist to fix my braces

Added on 06.04.2018

A kid with braces
Did you also go through this in your childhood?

Mom says “A nice smile can melt even ice … and can help with the career as well.”

Therefore, we’ve got to get a retainer (or even permanent braces) – no questions asked!
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Need a good pediatric dentist to fix a broken filling

Added on 30.03.2018

A healthy tooth
Does this ring a bell with you? Your child loves – LOVES – sweets and can barely stay away from them.

However, when it comes down to brushing teeth in the evening, the good mood disappears and all hell breaks lose!
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