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Dental laser therapy – The future of dental care

Added on 25.05.2020

Dental laser therapy
Nowadays, lasers are also used in dental medicine and, though there had been attempts already in the 1960s to include laser therapy in the repertoire of dentists, this treatment type only relatively recently (in the past 5-10 years) made it back into the spotlight and started gaining in popularity among dental care professionals. Find out more in the following blog post.
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Congratulations for our glowing winner!

Added on 29.02.2020

A hooray for our winner
As you may remember, DentalAce, in conjunction with our partner The Wedding Mission, invited all of you to participate in our competition for a chance to win a free dental bleaching with our partners Dr. David Movsesian and Ms. Ani Movsesian prior to the Christmas season of 2019, By now, we have determined the winner. Find out more in this blog post!
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Chance To Win: Get your dream smile for your dream wedding

Added on 12.12.2019

Happy couple on their wedding day after a dental bleaching
For this upcoming Christmas season, DentalAce – the new platform here in Austria that allows patients to easily find a dentist they can trust and book appointments online – invites you to participate in our competition for a chance to win a free dental bleaching with our partners Dr. David Movsesian and Ms. Ani Movsesian prior to your wedding. 
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Designing a bright smile with digital smile design

Added on 12.05.2019

Two smiling young women
Have you ever heard of a "designed" smile? Do you believe it is possible for a dentist to map out your future smile on a computer screen? Does this sound too much like science fiction to you? Maybe ten years ago but today all of this is made possible by Digital Smile Design (DSD) - a software-powered procedure that allows dentist to digitally design a bright smile for their patients prior to ever laying a hand on their faces.
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Smiling is healthy for the teeth

Added on 21.04.2019

A mother smiling at her baby
A smile can be worth and can express more than any friendly word and is therefore one of our most effective means of communication. It is innate and normally emerges during the fourth week of a baby's life. A smile strengthens the bond between children and parents early on and its positive impact on interpersonal relationships translates well into adulthood. However, how does a smile affect one's health and is every smile the same? Let us find out!
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Hyaluron for a pretty smile

Added on 12.03.2019

Black and white photo of a young woman
Nowadays, the meaning and importance of a nice, wrinkle-free face with a glowing white smile have increased to such an extent that many people count on so-called "beauty treatments". Dentists can help with tooth whitenings but from time to time some patients decide to ask for more help. White teeth are great and all but, for some, the overall look of the face can be ruined by even a single wrinkle. 
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Dental jewelry as a present idea

Added on 30.11.2018

Dental jewelry looks great
A bright smile is nowadays the best introduction which is why many people invest enormous amounts of time and effort into making theirs shine as brightly as possible. Braces to get one’s teeth into a symmetrical position, whitening tooth paste, and dental bleaching are just a few commonly employed measures to reach this goal. Recently, a new trend that can make the pearly whites literally sparkle, emerged – we’re referring to so-called dental jewelry.
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Smoking is bad for your teeth

Added on 16.11.2018

Burning cigarette
In our youth, probably most of us at least gave it a try, even if only to look “cool” and to not fall behind the circle of friends. Probably unsurprisingly, we’re talking about smoking here. For some of us, the calming “fag” is merely part of a temporary phase while, for others, it becomes a lasting habit or even an addiction. And those, who can or do not want to rid themselves of the habit of smoking, face not only constantly increasing cigarette prices and an array of potentially detrimental lung diseases, but also an increased likelihood of developing dental problems.
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Dental bridge to replace missing teeth

Added on 10.08.2018

Dental bridge for older people
Dental implant or dental bridge – or maybe stick with the tooth gap? When someone has to ask him- or herself this question, most likely one of the following two scenarios is true:

A. Bad accident results in damage inside and around the mouth that requires professional attention

B. Advancing age leads to a continuously decreasing amount of healthy teeth

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Inlay instead of Dental Filling

Added on 03.08.2018

A tooth with an inlay
Toothache is always so extremely annoying – especially when the actual damage to the hurting tooth is more severe than originally anticipated ...
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