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Dentist needed for periodontitis treatment

Added on 13.07.2018

Periodontitis can harm your teeth
After a long day at work and an even longer work week, it was finally Friday evening – Hooray! Alright then, off to a few cold ones with a few colleagues to let off some steam. I had already noticed it a few days earlier. On the way to the bar, it became even more noticeable. And once we sat down for a chat while waiting for our drinks, it only became worse ...
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Emergency dentist with weekend shift needed

Added on 06.07.2018

Help button at the emergency dentist
Has this ever happened to you?

The new year had just started, Vienna had finally seen its first real snowfall of the winter season, and the “Wiener Eistraum” ice skating rink in front of city hall had just opened its gates. “Alright then – let’s go have a Holiday on Ice!”

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Professional Tooth Cleaning to fight Dental Plaque

Added on 29.06.2018

Healthy teeth for a healthy bite after a professional dental cleaning
Has this happened to you too?

You brush your teeth twice, or maybe even three times, every day and always use dental floss as well – and yet, that pesky dental calculus keeps building up on the teeth’s surface ...

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Tooth filling to fight tooth decay

Added on 22.06.2018

Young woman smiling with her dentist after a tooth decay treatment
Has this ever happened to you?

On a beautiful Wednesday morning in the late spring earlier this year, I was on the way to my next regular dental checkup. Though I had never really had any issues during previous visits, I still felt this weird feeling overcome me ever so slowly ...
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Dental implant to replace a missing tooth

Added on 15.06.2018

Take a big bite out of an apple after a dental implant placement
Does this sound familiar to you?

Not too long ago, I was going to boxing training almost every day not only to always remain super fit but also to share the pain of body-weight and balancing exercises with a group of fellow sufferers. During one of our weekly Sparring Sessions, however, things got a little too heated and suddenly the spectators could see a tooth flying through the air ...

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Putting on a dental crown to seal a fixed tooth

Added on 08.06.2018

A dental crown blends in perfectly with your healthy teeth
Has this ever happened to you?

After weeks, months, and years of eating yummy food, one of my teeth started hurting. “Oh oh, hopefully this’ll just be a little boo boo …” I thought jokingly to myself but a dentist visit soon thereafter brought the inconvenient truth to the forefront: my tooth root was infected ...
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Veneers for misaligned teeth

Added on 01.06.2018

Smile happily with new white veneers
Have you ever been in this situation?

When I was a child, there was a time when I had to wear a retainer every night to push my growing teeth into the right positions. However, not everybody was lucky enough to receive the “gift” of a retainer as a child ...

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Need a root canal treatment for an inflamed tooth

Added on 25.05.2018

An inflamed tooth root causes enormous pain
Has this ever happened to you too?

After a long day at the office, you take a little breather in a pub to relax with one or two beers. One nice cold one after the other, accompanied by a Gulaschtopf – makes the night feel much better already! “Hm, wait. My upper right corner tooth feels a little weird. Wonder if that’s because of the cold-hot combination of the beer with the Gulasch?” ...

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Dental bleaching for a smile with pearly white teeth

Added on 11.05.2018

A bright white smile after a dental bleaching
Does this sound familiar to you?

Stress at work, exam season at school, and on top of all of that a bunch of personal commitments. With such a full calendar it can be difficult to get even a little bit of shut eye ...

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Need a night guard to stop tooth grinding at night

Added on 04.05.2018

Tooth grinding can harm your teeth
Has this ever happened to you?

The infamous “Busy Season” starts at work and all hell breaks loose! A seemingly endless barrage of e-mails, accompanied by uninterrupted phone ringing and way too many meeting invitations – some for the same time slot!
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