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Complete your DentalAce profile and double your value

Dear dentist members,

Firstly, a heartfelt thank you for working with us to improve dental care here in Vienna. We have made it our mission to maximize the value of dental care for both patients and dental care professionals and are therefore thrilled on a daily basis to work with like-minded partners

To now reach even more potential new patients and invite them into your practices, we would like to kindly ask you to always keep your DentalAce profile 100% up-to-date and complete because only with a fully built-out profile can you maximize the value of the DentalAce portal for yourself, your practice, and your current and future patients.

IT is also important to remember that a listing on our platform communicates an "open door image" to dentist-seeking patients who expect a comprehensive and informative profile as well as available appointments from our dentists. Therefore, it is all the more important to read through and implement the below-stated points within 10 work days (2 calendar weeks) of your registration with DentalAce in order to optimally prepare your profile for new patients. By doing so you are not only maximizing the value for your practice but also for your patients which is great for everyone involved.

To make this as easy as possible, we have put the following brief checklist together to allow you to easily assess whether your profile is complete and, even if not, to show you how to easily and quickly complete it:

1. Information about yourself and your practice

  • Profile Text – Your de-facto online business card that allows you to build rapport with your new patients even before meeting them (upon request, we would gladly write a first version for you)
  • Certificates, diplomas, and academic career – Establishes you without a doubt as an expert in your specialty and strengthens trust among your patients
  • Offered procedures & specialties – In other words, your entire spectrum of offerings to tell new patients for which dental procedures they can book appointments with you 

2. Personal introduction via photos

  • Profile Photo – Your first impression for new patients, so make sure to shine via a well-lit photo of yourself in your practice
  • Practice Photos – Introduction of your team and practice
  • Practice Video – Introduction of yourself, your team, and your practice to maximize new patient interest

3. Available appointments

  • Online Calendar – Always enter your open appointments into your DentalAce calendar so you can receive new appointment bookings from patients themselves without moving a finger
  • Advance bookings – Enter your available appointments into your DentalAce calendar for up to 2 months ahead to fill up your calendar for weeks in advance

4. Offers & Specials

  • Special offers – Utilize our unique feature that allows you to market special deals and offers to patients and to more effectively highlight the strengths of your practice

5. Give PayPal a try

  • Optimal payment method – While we are certainly capable and always willing to work with whichever payment method you as our customers may prefer, we would still like to recommend taking a look at and giving their payment service a try. It is really easy and convenient to use and, after your initial account setup, it will work without you ever having to lift a finger (PS: We do not have an advertising relationship with PayPal but, rather, recommend it based on the good experiences that our team has made with their service)    

6. Link your website to your DentalAce profile

  • Maximize online bookings – To get as many online bookings as possible via your DentalAce profile, we strongly advise you to place a link to your DentalAce profile on your website either behind a message of your choice or behind the elegantly inviting DentalAce Online Booking button (see below for download).

DentalAce Online Booking Button

Please note that, as already mentioned, we consider it exceptionally important for all of our member dentists to have complete profiles so we all can offer new patients optimal service. Therefore, we kindly urge you to complete your profile within 10 work days (2 calendar weeks) after your registration on the DentalAce platform so that you can start benefiting from your free trial right away while providing first-class service to new patients.  

Of course we will always be available to respond to any questions via email ( and phone (01 925 38 19).

We hope that this checklist will streamline your DentalAce profile setup and we are looking forward to working together to help an ever-increasing number of patients here in Vienna.

All the Best, Ace!

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