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Info Tidbit: The painfree dental treatment – piezosurgery makes it possible!

Some dental treatments can, from time to time, be scary and even more so if they are surgical procedures because the drilling and scraping can reach far into the jawbone. To shape such procedures in a more gentle way, dental care specialists have now devised the field of piezo surgery in an effort to avoid and fix lasting damage to tooth and bone substance.

What is piezo surgery?

As already mentioned, the field of piezo surgery is a sub-part of the overall field of dental surgery and is based on the use of ultrasound instruments instead of on drills and other oscillating devices. The main reason for this is that such instruments enable much smaller and more precise incisions that, on the one hand, achieve treatment goals and, on the other hand, minimize bleedings and damage to nerves and other sensitive tissue.

What are the advantages of piezo surgery?

The main advantage of piezo surgery is that is promotes the healing process after a treatment and also prevents other complications. On top of that, some places inside the oral cavity are difficult to reach for normal treatment devices, such as drills. Tooth decay removal on the back molars is a good example for such a case. In such cases, an ultrasound device proves to be a very good option since it more easily reaches more remote regions of the mouth and enables more gentle treatment.

Dental chair prior to a dental treatment

Which treatments fall into the realm of piezo surgery?
Piezo surgery is particularly useful for treatments that are otherwise very invasive, such as the following few sample use cases:

  • Tooth root resection
  • Tooth removal or extraction
  • Dental implant placement
  • Treatments that are performed very closely to nerves and bordering teeth

Which devices are used for piezo surgery?
Just like other dental treatment devices, an ultrasound device has a handle that allows a dentist to perform procedures inside his or her patients´ mouths. Similarly to that of a drill, this handle is placed atop to-be-treated regions of the mouth to perform incisions. Additionally to that, an ultrasound device comes with a set of instruments such as fine saws for deeper incisions into harder bone or dental tissue.

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