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DentalAce - Way more than just another online registry

Did you ever wonder about the clear differentiation of the DentalAce platform from the several online registries in the medical space? If so, then you have come to the right place.

First off, we would also like to invite you to our DentalAce Summer 2021 offer with a free Analytics Package with any new account through the end of August.

  • DentalAce is not a mere online registry with hundreds of paid and unpaid listings. We work only for our valued members.
  • DentalAce does not just offer an online booking option – there are many providers for that. We help all of our members with reliably gaining over 100 new patients in their first 12 months (proven by performance statistics which each of our members get every month).
  • DentalAce deploys marketing measures for our portal and for our members in all of the most popular social media channels while remaining in tune with regulations by the chamber of dentistry.
  • DentalAce is a communication platform which enables fast and uncomplicated communication btwn. patients and dentists – regardless of time of day and location.
  • DentalAce makes practice operations much easier through functions like more efficient appointment booking without endless phone conversations and confidential conversations about pricing with patients prior to appointments.
  • DentalAce offers unbeatable membership terms and enables significant savings in your online marketing budget which can nowadays amount to up to EUR 50 or more per day.

And since we are talking about membership terms - we have 2 extremely flexible subscription options at unbeatable terms for new dentist members:

  • No mandatory contract extensions or similar provisions of any kind - with us you can fare with maximum flexibility from month to month or from year to year
  • An unbeatable membership fee of EUR 99 incl. VAT or less per month

In short, our service offering makes appointment booking an easy task of 5 clicks of less and reduces your online marketing budget significantly to EUR 99 incl. VAT or less per month.

A video with more infos on this topic is available HERE.

All the Best!

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