Need a good pediatric dentist to fix my braces

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Need a good pediatric dentist to fix my braces

Did you also go through this in your childhood?

Mom says “A nice smile can melt even ice … and can help with the career as well.”

Therefore, we’ve got to get a retainer (or even permanent braces) – no questions asked!

As an adult, this approach makes perfect sense to me, but as a kid, I absolutely hated having to put those weird amalgamations of plastic and metal into my mouth every night.

In the early 1990s, it was time for me as well – my permanent teeth were breaking through my gums one after the other and in the course of only a few months, I already had a full set of permanent teeth.

Unfortunately, nobody told those teeth that they had to grow out evenly next to each other…

And so my mother set out to rectify this problem and dragged me to our family’s pediatric dentist at the time to get a retainer fitted for me.

At first, I had to bite into this weird pink goo so the dentist could get my dental imprints.

“Ugh…this is so disgusting…” 

Only a few weeks later I was a proud (or maybe not so proud …) owner of a brand new retainer – a weird monstrosity made of plastic and odd metal elements and screws.

Prior to letting us go, our dentist gave my mother the following piece of advice:

“Make sure your child puts this retainer in every night for the next few months. And don’t forget even a single night or the retainer may not fit any more on the very next day already!”

For a few weeks, things went pretty well and my mother managed to persuade, coerce, and, when needed, force me to put my beloved retainer in every night.

However, misfortune hit when she had to leave town for a few days …

I spent that time, which happened to overlap with a religious holiday in Austria (Pfingsten), with my grandparents who had never before even heard of, let alone seen, a modern retainer.

As a result, we forgot to put the thing in already on our first night and when I tried to get it into my mouth a day later, my teeth must have already changed position and it just would not fit anymore.

“Oh man – what am I going to do now? And how will I tell mom about it …?”

Since a fine tuning of my retainer had to be done by a qualified dentist, we went on to look for a dental practice that was open during the holidays.

After lengthy searching in phone books and several fruitless phone conversations, we unfortunately had to realize that our dentist search during the holiday had been doomed to fail from the get-go.

And so, I spent my holiday retainer-less, waiting for a new work week to start a few days later.

Fortunately, those few days did not cause any irreparable damage and my mother and I were able to look at a gleaming – and even – smile only a few months later.

Perfectly aligned teeth thanks to braces

Nowadays, the number of emergency dentists who keep their practices open even during holidays is going up – however, it still isn’t any easier to find these dentists.

Therefore, we at DentalAce are constantly making an effort to include top dentists for all specialties – including fitting and adjustments of retainers/braces – into our community.

By doing this, we aim to provide our users with access to top dentists who can help with any dental care-related issues, procedures, and products (including retainers and braces).

A pretty smile can open a great many doors in life and taking care of it early on is always a great decision – even if wearing those pesky retainers is a huge nuisance for our kids for a few months.

If you have ever had similar childhood experiences, feel free to share them with our community.

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