Dentist Interview with Dr. Katalin Martyan

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Dentist Interview with Dr. Katalin Martyan

Dear DentalAce Community,

The goal of our blog is to feature weekly real-life stories for everyone to read, enjoy, and to, hopefully, gain some useful tidbits of information about crucial topics such as the best ways to find a dentist and dental care overall.

To further this mission, this week, we're kicking off a new series of informative articles focused on interviews with our Pioneer-dentists.

Dr. Katalin Martyan graciously accepted our invitation to become our third featured pioneer dentist and joined us for an interview to give us the inside scoop on how the world looks like from the viewpoint of a dentist.

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For more information about Dr. Martyan, her specialties, her practice in the 22nd district in Vienna, or her open appointments, check out Dr. Martyan's profile in our dentist list.

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A heartfelt Thank You from the DentalAce team to Dr. Martyan for setting some time aside to sit down with us for this informative conversation!


When did you first become a practicing dentist?

In Vienna since November 2018.

Did you recently open your own dental practice in Vienna?

I took over a dental practice in the 22nd district in Vienna in November 2018.

How would you describe your and your practice’s unique value proposition to patients?

Always striving to provide every patient with ample time and attention, which is particularly important for patients with dentophobia and for children.


In your opinion, what are the top-3 success factors that allow a dental practice to provide the best possible patient care?

* Sufficient time and effort invested in making sure that every patient feels well taken care of

* Careful and thorough treatment at all times

* Tooth preservation over tooth replacement

In your opinion, what are the top-3 challenges that dental practices are confronted with on a daily basis?

* Calendar Maintenance: How can you fill up your weekly schedule evenly?

* Appointment Scheduling: Many patients still call, rather than go online to book appointments, which is a more time-intensive approach that is also prone to error.

* Capacity: How can I reach even more patients?

How do you currently communicate with new patients prior to their first appointment (e.g., phone, e-mail, social media, etc.)?

* First Contact: Mostly via our homepage, followed by phone outreach and bookings via the DentalAce platform as secondary sources.

* Facebook: We have a Facebook page but do not consider this as a high-potential marketing channel because one can only reach new people on there via high-cost ads. Also, Facebook is not a viable channel for existing patients.

* E-Mail: The most frequently used communication channel, especially for existing patients (new patients only rarely contact us via e-mail).

Do you use different communication channels when conversing with existing patients vs. new patients?


If yes, how and why?

* Existing Patients: Since we have their contact details (e-mail, phone, address), we can contact them directly – e.g., for recalls. Oftentimes, follow-up appointments are scheduled right after any given appointment directly in our practice.

* New Patients: See response to previous question.

Do you often experience last-minute appointment cancellations (e.g., on the same day)?

Happens occasionally – on the other hand, last-minute appointment bookings occur from time to time as well. Overall, it evens out.

What is really irritating is the occurrence of “No-Shows” (patients that do not appear for a previously booked appointment).

How high is your interest in learning about a new method for offering these cancelled appointments to other patients?

We are always interested in new ways of filling empty appointments!


You have been using DentalAce for several months already - please share your experiences and impressions with us:

Functionally, it works very well with only some minor items with room for improvement.

Personal support over the phone and e-mail is also very positive.

Did you have any difficulties with using the platform?


How would you quantify the value that you have obtained to-date via the DentalAce platform?

We receive between 2 and 5 new patients every week (with their first treatment most frequently being a professional tooth cleaning).

This more than covers the costs of an annual subscription.

Many patients that we acquired via DentalAce also come back for follow-on appointments and become repeat patients.

What is your overall opinion of the value proposition of the DentalAce platform for dentists?

Personally, I find the clear overview of my calendar and individual appointment availabilities to be the most useful – obviates any lengthy guessing about whether a given appointment time is available and can be accessed on a 24/7 basis.

On top of that, there are patient reviews, which immediately boost credibility in the eyes of patients and provide them with certainty about a given dentist’s capabilities and service quality.

Which function(s) of the platform do you find the most useful?

* Quick & easy online appointment bookings – the most value-adding functionality!

* Patient reviews

How easy was it to open your account on DentalAce?

Very easy.

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