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Finally, DentalAce is putting an end to fake profiles in online searches

Dearest dentist members and patients,

All of us have been there at least once: you visit an online database, type in a few relevant search parameters, and suddenly you find a huge number of search results. Wow! Great selection!

However, a closer look quickly reveals that a great number of these search results are incomplete and may not even contain too much, if any, useful information. Some contain phone numbers. Others do not even have that but, at least, feature a profile picture - in some cases a very pixelated one but a picture nonetheless. Then there are some that contain only half-way finished profile texts that had clearly been written for other purposes and that had simply been copied and pasted over. Man, what a disappointment!

And the worst is yet to come! Some of these profiles are not only devoid of useful information but also completely fake, confusing, and, in some cases, even dangerous because they serve as nicely-looking fronts for hackers, phishers, and other malicious online creatures. Good lord, what a mess!

Hacker lurking online

So who can you really trust when conducting online searches?  

Enter DentalAce!

Since early 2020, we have made it our mission to present visiting dentist-seeking patients not only with 100% authentic and competent dentists but also to ensure that all of our dentists have 100% complete profiles with available appointments for patient self-bookings. No exceptions!

For patients, it means complete quality control.

For dentists, it means value maximization via profile optimization as outlined in our other related blog post

All the Best and good luck with your next dentist search!

Your DentalAce Team

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