Dental bleaching for a smile with pearly white teeth

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Dental bleaching for a smile with pearly white teeth

Does this sound familiar to you?

Stress at work, exam season at school, and on top of all of that a bunch of personal commitments, such as the weekly “dinner date” with the girlfriend’s boring sister or the obligatory attendance of the birthday party of the fifth-degree cousins’ best friend’s brother. Good lord, with such a full calendar it can be difficult to get even a little bit of shut eye. “Alright – keep the coffee coming! Otherwise, I might fall asleep where I stand…” Such a lifestyle is definitely not healthy in the long run and drinking several cups of coffee per day combined with red wine and other similar beverages that one consumes at social events, it can spell doom for the appearance of the pearly whites.  

Whitening toothpaste to whiten your teeth

So what happened to my white teeth?

A few years ago, it was time for me to enter into a new phase of my life. I was in my late 20s, had accumulated a few years of work experience, and had just been admitted to the Executive MBA Program of a good school. This meant that, after each week of full-time work, I would spend my weekends in the class room followed by outings with my new classmates to socialize and have one, or several, beers. After two long and hard, yet rewarding, years, I managed to land a better and more stable job and normalized my previously crazy-busy schedule a bit. A few weeks into my new calmer life, I found myself smiling at myself in the mirror and right there I suddenly realized what the many cups of coffee and alcoholic beverages had led to: the previously white shine of my teeth had been replaced by a cloudy, milky-white hue. “Oh man – this is terrible!” I said to myself and went to look for the nearest drugstore right away to buy some special tooth paste with whitening capabilities. 

Tooth whitening for a pearly white smile

A few weeks later, I had to finally come to the realization that the special tooth paste that I had bought would not be enough to return my teeth to their pearly white glory. “Great – so what now?” I angrily mumbled to my girlfriend. “How about a tooth whitening?” she suggested and showed me a few interesting websites with information about the various options that I could choose from:

1. Whitestrips – The most widely available and cheapest option (from EUR 16-20 in most drugstores) consists of clear plastic films covered with bleaching gel that need to be used for up to 14 days in a row every 12 months to have a visible effect 

2. Home Bleaching – Requires custom-made application rails for each individual patient that need to be coated with peroxide gel and worn for 7-8 hours at a time (usually over night) for a time period of up to 2 weeks. This option, while more efficacious than Whitestrips, comes at a higher price of roughly EUR 200-500

3. In-Office Bleaching – The most effective and fastest option is performed right in the dentist office and involves a strong bleaching solution and a high-intensity lamp which the dentist uses in up to 3 short sessions (roughly 15 minutes each) to brighten the teeth. On the flipside, the costs associated with this option are fairly high and can reach up to EUR 800

After a few hours of comprehensive research, we started an online search for a dentist specializing in home and in-office bleaching. About 45 minutes later, we finally found the website of a confidence-inspiring dentist and called to make an appointment for the following week. “Time to get my white smile back!”

A bright smile after a dental bleaching
How much does a dental bleaching cost?
Once we made it to the dental practice, the dentist gave us more detailed information about the different tooth whitening options. Overall, our research, while lengthy, had been fairly on point and I finally decided to go for a home bleaching given its superior efficacy versus whitestrips, yet lower cost versus an in-office bleaching. Another deciding factor was the fact that the bleaching solution used for in-office bleachings can sometimes cause temporary discomfort and sensitivity to sweet, sour, hot, and cold foods and drinks. And so, since the peroxide gel used for home bleachings was not quite as concentrated as the solution used for in-office bleachings, I opted for the “Do It At Home” solution. Fortunately, everything from that point on went completely issue-free and, only a few weeks later, I was able to admire my now white-again smile in the mirror. 

A healthy smile before and after a dental bleaching

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