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Let's be honest: All you need as a dentist right here on DentalAce!

You are about to build a new practice or already have one that is going fairly well and then receive an info package from DentalAce which you can then either ignore or take a closer look at.

In the following blog post, I, as the founder of the DentalAce platform, am providing you 5 clear reasons why you should take our offer in 10 times out of 10:

1. Maximized Profit: What you are as a dentist who runs a practice is, in the simplest sense, an entrepreneur like any other. This is why you need to make a profit to continue to keep your doors open. We from DentalAce are showing you through facts in this and linked blog posts that this is possible with us. Thus, this box is checked.

2. Broadest Functionality: As you can easily see with only one look, our portal has significantly more functions than are usually available on the web to optimally support your patient acquisition (and, hence, profit maximization). In addition, we have planned for many more valued-adding functions, as you can read here. And the best thing about this is that you basically get these extra functions "for free" as part of your membership fee, which leads us to the next point.

3. Optimized Pricing: Given the maximum monthly membership fee of EUR 99 incl. VAT, you get the best cost/benefit ratio in terms of online presence, as mentioned in the previous 2 points above. In other words, even with 3-4 new patients per month, DentalAce more than covers your membership costs and puts you into the green. And to add one more point to that: we also do not require you to have a contract with us, which offers you maximum flexibility should you decide to take a "break" for a bit.

4. Targeted Positioning: As you can already deduce from the name of the platform, we have made the niche of dental medicine our focus, which allows us to give you our undivided attention and resources when it comes to personalized service.

5. Personal Guarantee: As a final point, I'd also like to mention that I have built and am supporting this platform with my own financial means which provides you with ironclad certainty that there will not be unexpected changes driven by greedy investors that result in extra costs for you as a subscriber. On the contrary, you get a personal guarantee that DentalAce is working 100% for you as a member at all times.

So again: open up a profile by registering right here and test our platform without any contractual ties. With EUR 99 incl. VAT per month, this will be an investment that pays off in any case.

So see you soon and for more questions you can consult us at any time at dentalace@acemydental.com around the clock.

All the Best!

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