Fresh breath with mint candy, chewing gum, or even ginger?

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Fresh breath with mint candy, chewing gum, or even ginger?

Haven't we all been in this situation before: You wake up, the sun is shining brightly through the window, you pleasurably stretch one last time before getting up and you suddenly notice a weird taste in your mouth. In the morning, almost everyone wakes up with a bad taste in the mouth and, of course, the associated bad breath, which is caused by dryness in the throat (aka. the nasopharyngeal zone). The reason for this is the low production of saliva during the night. People who snore suffer from this issue twice as badly, given that their snoring forces them to breathe through their mouths, which dries them out even more. During the day, the proportion of people with bad breath goes down by roughly 50%. But what about these 50%? What can they do to fix this issue? Is mint candy a good option? Chewing gum, maybe? Let's find out!

What are some of the main reasons for bad breath?

Besides the drying out of the throat during the night, there are a few other quite persistent causes for bad breath. One of them will likely not be a surprise to anyone: garlic. Another one is alcohol which enters the circulation system and, therefore, requires several hours to dissipate. This is why boozy breath is so difficult to get rid of. And "last but not least", there is tobacco, of course, which can not only cause bad breath but which also makes clothes and furniture smell for extended periods time. This is why one can literally smell people who smoke from quite far away.

Alright, enough about the causes of bad breath - let's now find out how to effectively combat it so we can all breathe freely and easily.


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What helps with combating bad breath the most?

Though having bad breath is definitely not an agreeable situation, there are fortunately several ways to remedy it at least a little bit:

  • Drink more and eat solid foods: To alleviate the intensity of bad breath on the following morning, wake up for a little sip of water a few times during the night (provided that doing so does not significantly disturb your sleeping schedule). An additional alternative is eating something solid (e.g., bread), given that the chewing stimulates saliva production which helps against bad breath.

  • Tongue scrapers help a bit: While cleaning the tongue can remove harmful bacterial films from the surface area of the tongue, it cannot effectively clean the entire mouth

  • Chewing gums and mint candy are temporary solutions: During the day, one can use mint candy and chewing gum to cover up bad breath for a while. An additional benefit is the fact that chewing stimulates saliva production which helps with keeping the mouth cleaner. Nevertheless, both options are temporary and usually only last between 30 and 60 minutes.

  • Mouthwash helps for a little longer: Mouthwash effectively combats bacteria inside the mouth and many dentists recommend those kinds that contain chlorhexidin. Ideally, one should rinse the mouth several times a day, given that its freshening effect only last for about 3 hours.

  • Frequent brushing helps too: Brushing one's teeth several times per day helps because it removes food particles more quickly which effectively prevents the formation of foul-smelling, sulfurous gases.

  • Parsley and ginger barely have any effect: These two alternatives can cover up bad breath for some time because they both have very strong odors. However, their effects usually last for barely an hour.

Fortunately, there are several well-tested methods to alleviate even the worst kind of bad breath so you can breathe freely for the rest of the day.

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